NACETEM, NITT Sign MoU On Improved Transport Industry Technology

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L-R: The director-general, Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology, Dr. Bayero Farah exchanging the signed memorandum of understanding with the overseeing director-general, National Centre for Technology Management, Dr. John Omimakinde during the ceremony in Abuja.

The National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT) to help improve the institute’s transport technology services.

Speaking at the ceremony yesterday (February 6, 2023) in Abuja, the overseeing director-general of NACETEM, Dr. John Omimakinde pointed out that the collaboration underscores the significance of science, technology and innovation (STI) to all sectors of the economy.

“STI is a driver of sustainable development in all areas of life. It is, therefore, apposite to collaborate with other institutions operating within the STI space to cross-fertilise ideas and accelerate development in the society.” 

He stated that collaborating with NITT is an easy decision to make because of the significance of the transport sector to Nigeria’s economy and the critical roles NITT plays within the sector. 

Omimakinde posited that if NACETEM coupled knowledge with development, it would need an institution such as NITT that is into transport technology to make huge impacts. After all, collaborative efforts help to make a quantum leap. 

Listing the fulcrum of the collaboration between NITT and NACETEM, he said it revolved around fostering cooperation between the institute and NACETEM in the area of technology transfer and adaptation in transport and logistics services; Data gathering and dissemination for operators, stakeholders and policy maker in the transport industry and joint research and development activities in the transport (and logistics) industry for improved capacity and products/services delivery. 

The NACETEM boss emphasized how agencies can leverage each other’s strengths to save government resources in terms of capital flight by taking advantage of what is available in the country. Inter-agency collaboration, he reasoned, are a handy tool to make more impacts at minimal costs. 

The overseeing director-general, National Centre for Technology Management, Dr. John Omimakinde (ninth from left) and the director-general, Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology, Dr. Bayero Farah flanked by officials of both organisations during the ceremony in Abuja.

In his remarks, the chairman of the NACETEM Governing Board, Hon. Haastrup Olatunji described the MoU signing as a commendable move on the part of both institutions, as it shows that the government of the day is the same, working towards achieving collective aspirations.

“Let me add that no organisation can survive alone. Organisations all over the world work hand-in-hand to share ideas to help one another by leveraging their respective strengths. The common strength of both institutions is the know-how to deploy science, technology and innovation to galvanise development. I, therefore, encourage both institutions to use this for the benefit of Nigeria and humanity at large. 

“I am certain that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari will be pleased with both institutions looking inwards to use the available resources in the country to drive development. This approach will not only save the nation huge resources but also prevent capital flights in terms of foreign exchange,” he added.

Earlier, the director-general of NITT, Dr. Bayero Farah noted that they would help the government establish agencies to advance national development.

In terms of cooperation, he pointed out that the MoU signing with NACETEM was noteworthy in NITT’s history, adding that both organisations would learn and cross-fertilise ideas with each other, as well as share manpower to the development of the transport sector and the nation in general.

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