Ministry Urges Public To Invest In Education, Technology For Future Generations

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FMIST Glisten
A cross section of Glisten International Academy Abuja students, teachers, and ministry officials when the school led a delegation on a courtesy call on the minister in his office in Abuja.

The permanent secretary of the Federal Ministry of Innovation Science and Technology (FMIST), James Sule has called on the public, particularly parents, to invest in education and technology, emphasising that it is the most crucial legacy to leave for future generations.

Sule made this plea during a courtesy visit by Glisten International Academy Abuja (GIAA) to the ministry headquarters in Abuja, where students unveiled the Mariabot, a robot they created.

Sule highlighted education as an investment in the future, a gift that parents must prioritize over monetary wealth. He stressed that a legacy of education results in the development of talent, abilities, skills, and knowledge acquisition, setting a foundation for success and instilling hope for the nation’s leadership continuity.

“Where there is a legacy of education, you will have developed talent and abilities, there will be skill and knowledge acquisition. It prepares our youth to take up opportunities to better their lives, it helps to set a foundation for success, it helps for the youths to develop technology that can solve problems in the society,” he emphasised.

Sule urged parents to spend on the education of the youth, asserting that it opens doors internationally and allows children to compete favourably with their counterparts worldwide. Commending GIAA for their innovative efforts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they developed the Mariabot to check the temperature and administer drugs, he expressed his satisfaction with the academy’s impact on imparting knowledge and values to children.

The ministry, represented by Sule, pledged collaborate with the Ministry of Education to incorporate Mariabot-related subjects into the educational curriculum. He stated that this collaboration would ensure that students can be examined and certified in these subjects. He clarified that, despite its cost, the project’s aim is skill development and knowledge acquisition rather than a profit-oriented venture.

The FMIST minister, Chief Uche Nnaji lauded the children’s achievements and expressed disbelief at the level of work they had accomplished. He commended GIAA for catching these children at a young age, fostering their growth and even taking them to international competitions where they excelled. Nnaji promised the ministry’s support by connecting GIAA with agencies that can further develop their skills and technology.

The CEO of Glisten International Academy, Samira Jibiri expressed gratitude for the support received and highlighted the academy’s representation of Nigeria in various international tournaments. She emphasised GIAA’s commitment to continuous research and development, intending to commercialize their creations for the benefit of the country.

In a related development, stakeholders in the fight against Tuberculosis (TB) are advocating for increased political will to expedite the development and implementation of alternative vaccines. They stressed that TB remains a significant global health concern, necessitating comprehensive responses from governments, policymakers, and international collaboration to overcome challenges and ensure accessible and affordable alternative vaccines. The call for stronger political will aligns with the ongoing efforts to address TB within the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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