Minister Urges Commitment, Collaboration For Innovation, Progress

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L-R: The permanent secretary, Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, Mr. James Sule presenting handover notes to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Chief Uche Nnaji during the ceremony at the ministry headquarters in Abuja.

The new Minister of Innovation, Science, Technology, Mr. Uche Nnaji has urged directors and heads of agencies within the ministry to exhibit result-oriented, proactive, and enthusiastic approaches in carrying out their responsibilities.

Nnaji delivered this directive during the official handover ceremony by the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Technology in Abuja, James Sule.

Nnaji emphasised the importance of aligning decisions with the ministry’s objectives to effectively allocate resources for projects that yield tangible outcomes. He acknowledged his awareness of existing policies and strategic documents within the ministry, particularly the National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy.

Addressing the gathering, Nnaji stated, “The Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology is poised to guide Nigeria into the knowledge-based new world economy. History has shown that no nation can progress without a foundation rooted in science, knowledge and innovation. I am, therefore, pleased to be here with you to achieve the goals and objectives of transforming the fortunes of this great country through the critical activities of the ministry and its affiliated agencies. As the new minister, I am aware of a few existing policies and strategic documents of the ministry, especially the National Science, Technology & Innovation Policy.

“Therefore, I expect briefings from the directors and DGs on the implementation of this policy in their respective departments and agencies. However, these briefings should provide high-level summaries, while comprehensive documents will be submitted for in-depth analysis.”

Furthermore, Nnaji outlined key principles that he intends to prioritise during his tenure. He stressed the significance of strong collaboration between the ministry and its agencies, urging unity and effective communication to achieve shared objectives. He also emphasised the need for innovation and proactive action, stating, “We are here to innovate, not to merely follow routines. Our swift and inventive actions will define us as a ministry driven by innovation. Meetings with directors and heads of agencies will swiftly clarify our shared objectives, guiding our strategic action plans. Let us be result-oriented, proactive and enthusiastic. Our leadership in innovation will contribute to the prosperity of our great nation”.

He highlighted the importance of expedited approval of funds, indicating that such approvals would require clearance from the minister’s office. He affirmed that decisions made under his leadership would be aligned with the ministry’s goals, with a focus on optimising resources for projects that yield tangible results. Nnaji concluded his address by expressing appreciation for the commitment of the staff and their collective progress on the journey ahead.

Responding to the minister’s call for collaboration and commitment, the Permanent Secretary, James Sule, extended his congratulations to Nnaji. He encouraged all staff members to exhibit professionalism and functionality as they work collaboratively to fulfill the ministry’s mission. He assured the minister of the staff’s unwavering dedication to achieving the mandates set by the government.

Sule emphasised the importance of customer-oriented and result-driven approaches, expressing his belief that the ministry’s accomplishments would be realised through the effective deployment of science and technology. He affirmed the staff’s readiness to provide unswerving support to the minister to enable them to work together and accomplish their shared goals.

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