Message For Children’s Day 2024

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Barr. Angela Odunukwe
Barr. Angela Odunukwe

Children’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to appreciating the endless potentials and happiness that each child brings into our lives. Just like stars, they radiate in their own unique ways, holding the key to their future in their hands, a future we must help shape so they can lead fulfilling and successful lives.

In Nigeria, the 27th of May marks Children’s Day each year. The government, organizations, schools, religious institutions, individuals who adore children, as well as television and radio stations, commemorate this day in diverse manners. Some arrange parades, parties and various engaging events to bring smiles to the faces of children, while others prefer heartfelt conversations.

As an advocate for children and an enthusiastic children’s animator, this year I have opted to celebrate these precious bundles of joy not with lavish gatherings or events, but through a meaningful discussion themed “My Life, My Responsibility.” Why this choice?

Given the current state of our society, it is crucial to remind everyone that children are accountable for their own lives. They must be made aware, unequivocally, that they are responsible for their decisions, aspirations, choices, and beliefs.

We are all unique, and so are our families. None of us get to choose the family we are born into.

Dear children, appreciate the family you have. If you come from a wealthy family, remain humble, for even with affluence, one can falter without taking responsibility for their life. And for those from less affluent families, find contentment within your family and stay dedicated to your dreams.

It’s just a matter of time. Irrespective of your family background, live consciously every day.

Living consciously entails understanding yourself, your circumstances, your thoughts, and your surroundings, and making deliberate efforts to steer your life in the right direction. Your thoughts, emotions, and the information you consume shape your perspectives and reactions to situations. Your beliefs influence your life experiences. Therefore, regularly scrutinise your beliefs to live consciously; otherwise, you may end up living to meet others’ expectations.

Dear parents, children harbour intense emotions. It is crucial to actively nurture them. Educate them on life’s ebbs and flows. Teach them that challenges are inevitable and an inherent part of life. Show them that setbacks like disappointment and failure are not the end. Help them learn from hardships and approach life with vigour.

Children, who do you aspire to be? What guides your daily actions? What kind of character are you developing? Choose your companions wisely; cultivate moral values and essential life skills to navigate daily challenges. Do you possess the emotional, social, and intellectual aptitude required for a happy and prosperous life? Understand that self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking pave the way for a fulfilling life. These personality traits are vital and enriching aspects of life.

As we observe Children’s Day in 2024, let this serve as a awakening. Parents and caregivers, be more intentional in nurturing our children. Dear children, take charge of your lives. When you reach adulthood, you will realise that you made the most dignified choice possible.

Happy Children’s Day to all Nigerian children!

You are our pride and joy!

Odunukwe wrote in from the Prime Age Development Initiative. She can be reached via

Barr. Angela Odunukwe
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