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Maritime Safety: NSIB Joins Force With Marine Accident Investigators’ Forum


In a significant development, the Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) has secured a coveted spot in the Marine Accident Investigators’ International Forum (MAIIF),  as part of its efforts to safeguard the Nigerian maritime space.

MAIIF, founded in June 1992 as an international non-profit organisation, is dedicated to advancing maritime safety and preventing marine pollution through the exchange of ideas, experiences and information acquired in marine accident investigations.

Established by the Federal Government under the NSIB Act 2022, NSIB is tasked with investigating accidents and serious incidents across various transportation modes in Nigeria and beyond, with the primary goal of enhancing safety in the transportation sector. The bureau aims to improve transportation safety by determining the circumstances and causes of accidents and offering safety recommendations to prevent reoccurrence.

NSIB’s induction into MAIIF marks a significant milestone, particularly in the realm of maritime investigations, solidifying Nigeria’s premier status in Africa concerning transportation accidents and serious incident investigations. The bureau’s director of public affairs and consumer protection, Dr. James Odaudu emphasised the importance of this achievement, highlighting that NSIB is now the second African member alongside Capo Verde among MAIIF’s 31 member countries spanning Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Commenting on this achievement, the director-general of NSIB, Engr Akin Olateru expressed confidence that this membership would provide Nigeria access to international collaboration and assistance from nations involved in maritime safety investigations. He drew parallels with NSIB’s existing collaborations in the aviation sector with organisations such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), Banjul Accord Group Investigation Agency (BAGIA), and the African Civil Aviation Commission (AfCAC).

Olateru emphasised that NSIB’s membership in MAIIF aligns with global standards and will contribute to enhancing the nation’s maritime safety. He stated, “This is a step in the right direction for us as a Nation by joining forums like this where we can exchange information, knowledge and ideas”. This acknowledgment underscores NSIB’s commitment to continuous improvement, cooperation, and adherence to best practices in the field of maritime safety investigation.

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