Marine Ministry, UN To Advance Marine Resource Devt

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L-R: The Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola and the resident coordinator of United Nations in Nigeria, and representative of the secretary-general, Mr. Mohamed Malick when the latter paid a courtesy call on the minister in his office in Abuja.

The Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, Adegboyega Oyetola, has embraced the support offered by the United Nations (UN) in developing marine resources within Nigeria’s territorial waters. 

This significant development unfolded during a meeting between the minister and the recently appointed UN Resident Coordinator in Nigeria and representative of the UN secretary-general, Mohamed Malick held at the ministry’s headquarters in Abuja.

Expressing Nigeria’s commitment to harnessing ocean resources, Oyetola highlighted the creation of the Federal Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy by President Bola Tinubu as a testament to the nation’s dedication in this regard. Oyetola conveyed, “We would be happy to partner with the UN in research, technology development, fisheries, biodiversity, renewable energy, and other aspects encompassing the marine and blue economy ecosystem.”

The minister underscored the UN’s pivotal role in promoting the sustainable utilisation of marine resources, emphasising the UN’s definition of Blue Economy as the sustainable exploitation of ocean resources for economic growth, livelihood improvement, job creation and ecosystem preservation.

Detailing Nigeria’s efforts to enhance maritime safety and security, Oyetola highlighted the country’s commendable achievement of zero incidents of piracy for three consecutive years. He also emphasised ongoing initiatives such as seafarer training while acknowledging the need for further advancements in this domain.

In response, Malick commended Nigeria on establishing the Marine and Blue Economy Ministry, recognising it as a significant step signaling the nation’s commitment to environmental stewardship, youth employment, and economic revitalisation. Malick emphasised the transformative potential of deploying marine resources judiciously, stressing their ability to drive economic growth and development significantly.

The collaboration between the ministry and the UN holds promise for accelerating Nigeria’s marine resource development agenda, fostering sustainable economic growth and bolstering environmental conservation efforts. Through mutual cooperation and strategic partnerships, Nigeria aims to tap into its vast marine potential to create opportunities, promote socio-economic development and contribute to global sustainability initiatives.

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