Innovative Biotech Acquires NIH’s Disease Diagnostic Tech, To Expand Local Manufacturing In Africa

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The chief executive officer, Innovative Biotech, Dr. Simon Agwale.
The chief executive officer, Innovative Biotech, Dr. Simon Agwale.

Innovative Biotech, a prominent biotechnology company, has successfully acquired state-of-the-art disease diagnostic technology from the US National Institute of Health (NIH) in a bid to expand the scope of local manufacturing across Africa.

As announced by the chief executive officer, Innovative Biotech, Dr. Simon Agwale, the breakthrough technology integrates advanced serological techniques with data analytics, enabling accurate identification of multiple pathogens in a single test.

Agwale emphasised that, in collaboration with Afro-BiomeDx, Innovative Biotech is committed to local manufacturing of diagnostic solutions in Africa, forging partnerships with organisations such as Africa CDC and WHO. This strategic move aligns with their overarching vision to advance healthcare and vaccine production on the continent.

Currently, 99 per cent of all diagnostic tests used in Africa are imported and predominantly focus on global pathogens like HIV, malaria and tuberculosis. 

Agwale highlighted the significance of the licensed technology, stating that it positions Innovative Biotech and its partners to lead in local manufacturing. This will facilitate the development of test kits capable of detecting endemic diseases and neglected tropical diseases, contributing to seamless clinical management and public health responses.

The announcement follows a recent groundbreaking collaborative engagement with Afreximbank, where funding supports Innovative Biotech’s state-of-the-art vaccine manufacturing facility in Keffi, Nasarawa State. Operating under stringent good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), this facility is designed to produce approximately 225 million doses of vaccines, including those for HIV, Ebola, HPV, Lassa fever and other critical vaccines for the continent.

Agwale highlighted that Innovative Biotech’s vision aligns with the African Union’s ambitious goals of developing and producing at least 60 per cent of the vaccines used in Africa by 2040. The newly acquired technology represents a breakthrough in disease diagnostics, utilising cutting-edge serological techniques and advanced data analytics to provide accurate identification of multiple pathogens in a single testing event. This innovative approach has the potential to transform disease diagnosis, enabling a holistic approach to patient treatment plans by incorporating multiple biomarkers in a single assay.

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