Ignore Fraudulent Messages On Network Shut Down, NCC Tells Citizens

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has called on Nigerians to dismiss what it called “fraudulent and misleading information” circulating on some social media platforms which claimed that all telecommunication networks, relevant ICT Units and online transfer facilities of banks would be shut down from today (February 23, 2023).

The NCC advised the Nigerian public, consumers of telecommunications services and all bank customers to disregard these messages or any other similar messages that suggest a deliberate network shutdown or disruption of services in the Nigerian telecom network.

“These messages are being circulated by fraudsters and unscrupulous elements in society with the intent of causing chaos and panic among the populace,” a statement from the NCC’s director of public affairs, Reuben Muoka started. “The commission has received unequivocal assurances from all service providers that all network services are currently functioning optimally and will not experience any deliberate shutdowns or disruptions, especially during this critical period of general elections in the country.”

Therefore, all users of telecommunications and banking services that utilise network facilities can be assured of continued optimal service delivery before, during and after the general elections, Muoka confirmed.

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