Harnessing Innovation, Science & Tech For Nigeria’s Economic Devt, Growth

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The Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Chief Uche Nnaji.
The Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Chief Uche Nnaji.

Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Chief Uche Nnaji, has underscored the pivotal role of innovation, science and technology (STI) as the pathway to Nigeria’s socio-economic development.

He emphasised that the implementation of the ‘Revised Science Technology and Innovation Policy’ holds immense potential to revolutionise the STI ecosystem in Nigeria, fostering fundamental re-orientation and positioning the nation among global leaders.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the Technology and Innovation Expo themed “STI: Solution to National Economic Challenges” in Abuja, Nnaji highlighted STI as a vital key for Nigeria to assert its rightful place among nations. Represented by the permanent secretary of the ministry, Mrs. Esuabana Nko-Asanye, Nnaji underscored STI’s role in driving industrial growth and unlocking sustainable economic advancement.

He emphasised Nigeria’s promising future, leveraging STI to harness abundant natural and human resources. However, he stresses the need for a supportive work environment that fosters skills development through STI to fully realize these potentials.

The Technology Expo served as a platform for the organised private sector (OPS) and inventors to capitalise on research outcomes, paving the way for wealth creation and empowerment opportunities for Nigeria’s vast population.

Earlier, Nko-Asanye, highlighted the ministry’s commitment to sustainable, inclusive and industrial economic growth. She emphasised the exposition as evidence of bold initiatives towards national development and reiterated the ministry’s readiness to collaborate with stakeholders to promote innovation, technology advancement, and industrialisation.

The ministry’s proactive approach, coupled with collaborative efforts with stakeholders, underscores Nigeria’s commitment to harnessing innovation, science and technology for economic transformation. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships, Nigeria aims to create an enabling environment that fosters innovation, drives technological advancement and accelerates industrialisation, paving the way for sustainable economic growth and prosperity. 

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