Hadejia Airport’ll Enhance Security, Boost Economy, Sirika Assures

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The Minister of Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika.
The Minister of Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika.

The Nigerian government’s decision to revive air transportation to Hadejia in Jigawa State is not just for show, but for the numerous security and economic advantages it presents.

The Minister of Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika stressed that the airport will play a crucial role in transporting agricultural products from Jigawa and nearby states to other parts of the country and beyond. He also noted that the airport will help in combating the insecurity plaguing the northern part of the country while facilitating the free movement of goods and people.

During the ground-breaking ceremony of Hadejia Airport, Sirika explained that the Buhari administration is committed to using aviation to enhance the security architecture of the country. He said that the government has invested significant resources in the project, which seeks to promote food security and strengthen the economy by connecting markets, people, and cultures.

“The purpose for which the Buhari administration found and established to commit resources to this venture are very many but on top of them is the way the security architecture of the country has changed, and aviation taking centre stage in combating crime and insecurity as well as the focus of the government of President Muhammadu Buhari on agriculture and food security as well as the free movement of people in the most efficient manner to connect market to market, people to people and culture to culture, history to history and tradition to tradition,” Sirika explained.

He further emphasised the importance of Hadejia and the need for the airport. Sirika argued that Hadejia’s rich culture, aviation and market make it impossible to exclude from the map where it can be accessed through air transportation. He insisted that leaving Hadejia out of the plan would be a mistake and unthinkable.

The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation is executing the project at a cost of N7.48bn and with a completion period of 18 months. With the revival of air transportation to Hadejia, the people of Jigawa State and other neighbouring states can look forward to a boost in their agricultural productivity, better access to markets, and enhanced security. The government’s investment in the airport is a step towards the overall development of the northern region of Nigeria.

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