Grassroots Awareness Key To TB Prevention, Says Foundation


The KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation in Delta State has emphasised the importance of creating awareness about tuberculosis prevention at the grassroots level in Nigeria to put an end to the disease.

In a recent interview, a representative of the organisation, Dr. Ajumuka Emmanuel noted that tuberculosis is curable and preventable, but often neglected by global communities due to its impact on vulnerable populations. He expressed a strong belief that ending structural inequities and neglect would be crucial in the fight against tuberculosis.

Emmanuel emphasized the need for accessible tuberculosis treatment and awareness of its symptoms at the community level to ensure that everyone can fight against the disease.

Also, he stressed that ending tuberculosis is a critical goal as the world moves beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

To combat tuberculosis in Delta State, KNCV is utilizing the Truenat Tuberculosis test, a molecular test that can diagnose the disease in just one hour. The foundation is also testing for resistance to the drug rifampicin using the Truenat test.

The KNCV Foundation is committed to tackling the scourge of tuberculosis in the state and has extended donations to hospitals within the area to help fight the disease. During World Tuberculosis Day, the foundation held outreaches to land, marshy areas, creeks and riverine communities in Delta State to spread awareness about tuberculosis.

Emmanuel highlighted discrimination as a significant barrier to quality tuberculosis treatment and care and called for increased awareness and education to combat the stigma surrounding the disease.

By addressing factors that influence tuberculosis treatment outcomes, he said, KNCV hopes to make progress in ending tuberculosis in the state.

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