FMAFS, IFAD Unite To Propel Global Food System Growth

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The associate vice president, International Fund for Agriculture Development, Dr. Donal Brown (fourth from left) and the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Sen. Abubakar Kyari at the ministry headquarters Abuja.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (FMAFS) has joined forces with the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) to expedite the growth of the global food system, particularly focusing on innovative approaches for agri-food system transformation.

During a pivotal one-day meeting at the ministry headquarters in Abuja, of Agriculture and Food Security, Sen. Abubakar Kyari highlighted Nigeria’s commitment to IFAD’s trajectory, emphasising the pivotal role of inclusive agri-food system transformation, smallholder farmers’ empowerment and innovative financing as catalysts for transformative change. These approaches provide a unique opportunity to propel global food systems growth, harnessing sustainable models for enhanced agricultural productivity, environmental safety, improved nutrition and better livelihoods for rural communities.

Kyari disclosed the Federal Government’s intention to organise an agriculture and food security summit this year, designed to bring together diverse partners from the public, private and social sectors. The summit aims to foster a broader perspective on innovation and new technologies, positioning them as significant enablers for inclusive agri-food system transformation and smallholder farmers’ empowerment.

Commending IFAD for its formidable role in addressing unprecedented challenges in the global food system, Kyari lauded the organisation’s focus on “Innovations for a Food-Secure Future” during the 47th Session of the IFAD Governing Council Meeting in Rome, Italy.

“Nigeria is committed to working closely with IFAD on inclusive agri-food system transformation and smallholder farmers’ empowerment. Our dedication to a partnership with IFAD on Innovative Finance for Food Systems is evident in our participation in the United Nations Food System Stocktaking Moment in July 2023,” he affirmed.

Kyari highlighted the strategic partnerships, emphasising the unique quality of the LIFE-ND project’s implementation. Acknowledging the participation of eight states in phase 1 and anticipating the involvement of the remaining 27 states in the second phase of LIFE-ND, he urged accelerated attention to subsequent steps, including approval for an extension, additional financing and the preparation of LIFE-ND phase 2.

Expressing gratitude for the collaboration, IFAD associate vice president, Dr. Donal Brown pledged to clear previous arrears and strengthen support for agriculture and food security. He emphasised his commitment to enhancing the relationship and providing new projects to address food emergencies.

“It is my mission to strengthen our relationship, to look at the future direction to provide to the new government, part of that is to provide a new project, to tackle food emergency crisis,” Brown affirmed, assuring additional financial support for the second phase of the LIFE-ND project.

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