E-Health Firm Offers Panacea For Improving Health Outcomes In Nigeria 

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Evoke e-Health Solution said it is poised to offer a second medical opinion to improve health outcomes in Nigeria and eventual scale across the West Africa. 

During a telehealth practice pre-launch event over the weekend in Abuja, the co-founder and chief operating officer, Evoke e-Health, Dr. Ifeoma Obianozie-Amadi said that the company offers secure, simple and affordable services for all in the country. 

Recall that the reality of 2020 and the challenges that occurred during the pandemic raised questions about what the future holds for healthcare delivery. 

This reality drove digitalisation and innovation in healthcare delivery across the globe to enable prompt response to the COVID-19 pandemic and other health emergencies. 

It is obvious that the development and implementation of telemedicine and digital health innovation have a lot of advantages and offer great value for both practitioners and patients, but the main question is how Nigeria can effectively integrate this into existing workflow and mitigate potential difficulties and challenges that may arise. 

Obianozie-Amadi said the company set no boundaries in offering community services, equal medical opportunity and quality healthcare services to patients all over the country. 

She said that Evoke eHealth solutions offer high-quality telehealth technology that enables virtual consultation and treatment to eliminate time and distance between remote patients and their providers. 

“Delivering innovative technology solutions to securely connect patients and providers anytime, anywhere and to enable the collaboration of medical professionals across the country and around the world is how we fulfil our commitment to helping advance healthcare through the facilitation of research, education, and communication in the medical community,” she explained. 

She said it enables healthcare professionals to connect with patients remotely, provides convenient clinical healthcare from a distance and provides a full range of solutions to meet the requirements of different environments, regarding where that person may be in the country.  

“We offer remote managed services to support all your technical A/V communication systems. 

“For customers in need of access to a provider network, we partner with preferred provider groups in all medical and surgical specialities and the use of our telehealth technology. 

“We provide you with a fully customized telemedicine programme hardware, software and provider network,” she said. 

Similarly, the managing director, co-founder and chief executive officer, Evoke e-Health, Dr. Anthony Oketah said that the company is leading the way in innovation with a full range of solutions to meet the requirements of different environments across the country and in the West African. 

“For many patients, access to high-quality medical care can often be complicated by financial, geographical, or situational hurdles that can dictate when, where and even whether those patients can seek physician care. 

“Evoke eHealth solutions are designed to overcome those hurdles by providing access to professional healthcare services, regardless of the patient or physician’s location,” he explained. 

Oketah said that the company aimed to eliminate time and distance factors in healthcare delivery for remote patients by enabling real-time examination and treatment through a virtual consultation. 

“We provide audio/visual and video communication services that combine the latest hardware and software to optimise collaboration and information sharing in any healthcare environment. 

“We also provide multiple communication channels that add major impact to communication in the public spaces with the visual power of dynamic, multi-screen systems over several screens or as separate displays,” he said. 

He stated that these platforms are clear, uninterrupted and [since] “quality sound is a necessity. We offer professional audio system design”.  

Meanwhile, on the sideline of the pre-launch, some experts raised discussions around the potential of digital health, AI integration in healthcare, opportunities for digital health and telemedicine for the insurance industry, as well as telemedicine and digital health regulation in the country. 

Also, they discussed insurance policies and reimbursement as a key concern in Telemedicine and eHealth partnerships.

The experts discussed how the country can improve the quality and affordability of healthcare with the help of new technologies, what innovations should healthcare providers prioritise in the country, how has the usage of healthcare mobile apps changed during the pandemic, is telemedicine to fully replace face-to-face communication with the patient. 

Also, they highlighted the role of insurers in the health ecosystem and the well-being of Nigerians.

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