Do Not Share Phone, NIN, SIM, NCC Warns Consumers

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has warned telecom consumers against sharing their phones, national identity number (NIN), and SIM card with other people.

The commission’s director of consumer affairs bureau, Mr Efeosa Edehen, gave the warning at the maiden edition of the consumer conversation 2021 with the theme ‘Know your rights and obligations as a telecom consumer’ organized by the NCC today (May 6, 2021) at Garki International Market, Abuja.

“Do not help other people to link their SIM cards with your NIN, handle your phone with care, be careful how you give your phones to other people to make calls, send texts, or use social media. Your phone carries your identity and therefore should be protected and always be with you.

“Note that you will be responsible for whatever wrong/offence someone else committed while using your SIM card(s). So, be very vigilant. As a citizen, it is very important and necessary to register for national identity number (NIN) and to ensure your NIN is linked to your SIM cards,” he said.

Edehen explained that consumers have the right to receive clear and complete terms and conditions for service agreement and disclosures of price for goods and services, and to affirmatively accept all terms and conditions before being charged for services, adding they have the right to be protected against fraudulent, misleading and deceitful information or advertisement or labelling.

He further said the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 (NCA 2003) and Consumer Code of Practice and Regulations 2007 (CCPR 2007) ensure that service providers deal reasonably with the consumers by providing them with information on their service that is complete, accurate, and up to date and in simple and clear language.

“The commission plays a vital role in national security and works very closely with the ONSA, security agencies, CBN, MNOs and other relevant bodies at ensuring security in the use of the telecom network. Also, worthy of mention is the commission’s proactive intervention in nipping the cases of call masking and call refilling in the bud; working with the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA), the administration has taken drastic actions to identify culprit licensees and sanction them accordingly,” he added.

He also used the opportunity to enlighten parents and guardians on how to teach their children/wards on the proper use of internet by asking how their children use the internet. “Make them show you some of their favourite sites and discuss with them, make them aware that there are things on the internet which may upset them and that they can always talk to you or any trusted adult.

“Make sure your child realises that they should never give out personal details such as names, address, school names, and telephone numbers to online friends they do not know,” he added.

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