Disregard Fake Recruitment Site, NiMet Warns Public

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The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has issued a warning to the public to ignore a recruitment site that has been published by scammers.

In an official statement released by the general manager of public relations at NiMet, Muntari Ibrahim it was revealed that the agency has become aware of an online recruitment platform falsely claiming to be associated with NiMet. Ibrahim emphasised that NiMet has not initiated any recruitment process at this time.

Ibrahim further stated that if and when NiMet decides to conduct a recruitment exercise, it will be announced through official channels, including the agency’s social media platforms. NiMet wants to ensure that the public is properly informed and not misled by fraudulent activities.

In light of this situation, NiMet has urged job seekers and the general public to exercise caution and not fall victim to scammers. They advised anyone with doubts or concerns to contact their office directly for clarification.

It is crucial for individuals to remain vigilant and verify the information before engaging in any recruitment processes, especially online. NiMet’s priority is to protect the public from deceptive practices and maintain the agency’s integrity.

Oluchi Okorafor
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