Digital Africa Conference, Exhibition Positioning Africa Globally – Woherem

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Evans Woherem
The chairman, Digital Africa, Dr. Evans Woherem.

The chairman, Digital Africa, organisers of the annual Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition, Dr. Evans Woherem, has explained that the annual event is strategically positioning Africa in the global technology race.

Speaking on the upcoming 2022 edition, the 10th in the series, themed “Positioning Africa in the global Tech Race” billed to hold between June 28 and 30, at the Baze University, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria, he said the event widely adjudged as a premier continental technology show, began in 2013 to bridge the unacceptable gap in ICT between the African continent and the rest of the world. 

Explaining the rationale for the choice of the theme, he said the need for African countries to make technology and innovation a strategic priority to face global competition could not be more urgent, considering that the continent is in dire need of liberation from the oppressive dominance of globalisation. 

“In the last nine years of Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition, we have used this platform to prepare the African continent for emerging technologies preparatory to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is evolving at an exponential, rather than a linear pace and is disrupting almost every industry in every country, due to its impact on velocity, scope and systems. 

“As an advocate for digital technology, Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition is promoting the adoption, diffusion and active development of digital technology in Africa. Developments in the world have shown that every 100 years, a revolution occurs that alters the economic alignment of the world.  

“For instance, the first revolution made Great Britain a global superpower. The second led to the establishment of the dominance of America as the world’s only superpower. The third revolution unleashed the wave of globalisation that has lifted over a billion people out of poverty in less than 50 years.  

“With technology influencing everything from healthcare, education, security and lifestyle to agriculture and food security, amazing revolutionary innovations are constantly being developed in every sphere including mobile devices, wearable technology, entertainment gizmos and so much more. Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition has been a platform for the display and demonstration of these new technologies trending across the globe,” Woherem explained. 

He stated that Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition was established to position Africa in the global tech race, explaining why the conference has witnessed a high level of participation by startups with high growth potential to unveil their innovations and begin to gain market and mind share. 

The conference has, over the last nine years, been an avenue to host ICT professionals, enthusiasts, policymakers, innovators, teachers and students from all walks of life, who have consistently drawn Africa’s technology roadmap through well-articulated communiqués. 

So far, it has received testimonials of the positive impact the Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition has had and is still having on the continent, especially in promoting technological development in Africa. 

Only last year, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof. Isa Pantami, commended the organisers of the annual event for their steadfastness. “The consistency with which you have organised this event attests to your commitment towards accelerating the development of Africa’s technology ecosystem.” 

For the founder and chair outreach, UN ITU AI for Good Global Summit, Stephen Ibaraki: “Digital Africa is transforming the continent through top global experts and leaders, leveraging the best in technology and talent. Their conference is one of the most crowded tech events I have attended in Africa.”

 Russell Southwood, chief executive officer of Balancing Act, United Kingdom said: “Digital Africa manages to combine speakers who have the vision to talk about what might happen 3-5 years ahead and hard-headed, practical people who are making some of those ideas and technologies a reality right now.”

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