Debt: NCC Lifts Regulatory Service Suspension On Globacom After Payment

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In a recent development, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has reinstated regulatory services for Globacom Limited.

This decision followed Globacom’s successful settlement of its outstanding debt obligations to the commission, which pertained to unpaid spectrum fees, numbering fees and the annual operating levy (AOL).

The NCC also chose to set aside any planned enforcement actions against Globacom concerning its previous violation of existing regulations. This violation stemmed from Globacom’s failure to meet its financial obligations, despite the issuance of multiple demand notices.

The suspension of regulatory services to Globacom, which had been temporarily lifted, was automatically reestablished after the company failed to fulfil the conditions required for the initial withdrawal.

This move signifies a positive step towards resolving the issue and promoting continued cooperation between the NCC and Globacom, ensuring that regulatory guidelines and obligations are met to maintain a smoothly functioning telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

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