Bago’s ‘Governor Of The Year’ Award Proof Of Impactful Governance – Abdullahi

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Niger State governor, Mohammed Bago
Niger State governor, Mohammed Bago.

The Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Security, Sen. Aliyu Abdullahi has hailed the recognition of the Niger State governor, Mohammed Bago as the ‘Governor of the Year 2023’ by Leadership Newspapers Group as proof of impactful governance and unwavering dedication to goal-oriented administration.

In a personally signed congratulatory message, Abdullahi highlighted the significance of this honour, especially considering Bago’s remarkable achievements within just nine months of assuming office. He lauded the governor’s unwavering dedication to delivering impactful governance in Niger State, emphasising the evidence of transformative efforts in urban renewal, infrastructure investment and rural development.

Expressing his admiration for the governor’s commitment to harnessing Niger State’s abundant natural resources, Abdullahi commended the governor for his revolutionary approach to boosting agricultural production. He noted that Bago has gone beyond the call for enhanced food security, responding with practical and visible steps to bring over one million hectares of fertile land into agricultural production.

The minister underscored the vindication of these efforts, citing the delivery of hundreds of high-capacity tractors and harvesters, along with complementary implements, which will significantly enhance mechanisation and sustainable agronomic practices in Niger State.

Abdullahi described the Leadership Newspapers award as “a motivational factor for Bago to stay focused and continue altering the governance narrative of Niger State”. Notably, he highlighted the governor’s swift action post-awards, where he flew to Lagos to sign a groundbreaking memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Governor of Lagos State.

The MoU, known as the ‘Produce-For-Lagos Initiative’, represents a strategic and long-term partnership between Niger and Lagos states, guaranteeing Lagos as the primary off-taker of various agricultural produce from Niger State.

Abdullahi concluded the message by expressing the collective support of well-meaning Nigerlites for Bago’s endeavours. He voiced optimism that Niger State, under the governor’s leadership, is destined for positive transformation and the Leadership Newspapers award serves as a testament to the state’s promising future.

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