Agric Ministry To Host D-8 Summit, Tackle Food Insecurity

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Agric Amb
L-R: The secretary-general, D8 Countries in Africa, Amb., Isiaka Imam presenting a plaque to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Sen. Abubakar Kyari during courtesy visit in Abuja.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security has affirmed its preparedness to host the D-8 Organisation for Economic Cooperation Summit on Agriculture next year, in a bid to address the pressing issue of food insecurity in Nigeria

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Senator Abubakar Kyari conveyed this commitment during a recent courtesy visit led by the secretary-general of D8 countries in Africa, Ambassador Isiaka Abdulqadir Imam, to his office in Abuja.

Kyari emphasised the necessity of the partnership to discuss and find solutions to the challenges threatening food security in Nigeria. He underscored the importance of embracing climate-smart agriculture as a means to address these challenges.

Highlighting demographic concerns, the minister noted that Nigeria’s population, which was less than 30 million in the 60s, is expected to reach about 400 million by 2050. He expressed concern about the potential strain this population growth would place on the country’s resources, especially considering factors like climate change and insecurity.

“The land is no longer there or might be reduced due to the effect of climate change, insecurity, among other issues,” Kyari stated.

He revealed that the proposed summit would provide Nigeria with an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other member countries in addressing issues related to food insecurity.

Imam explained the organisation’s purpose as one for economic cooperation among member countries, which include Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkiye.

The objective of his visit, he said, was to encourage Nigeria to prioritise climate-smart agriculture. He shared information about the Agriculture Research Centre established in Pakistan in March 2023, which is operational under a university in Pakistan and open to all member states for utilisation and support.

The secretary-general called for collaboration and cooperation from the Ministry and Nigerians, emphasizing the importance of prioritising climate-smart agriculture to address food security challenges.

The D-8, established in June 1997, aims to improve member states’ positions in the global economy and create new opportunities in trade relations, among other objectives. The organisation’s secretariat is based in Istanbul, as announced officially through the Istanbul Declaration of Summit of Heads of State/Government.

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