Agric Ministry Breaks Ground For Staff Housing Project, Emphasise Commitment To Employee Welfare

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FMARD Groundbreaking
The permanent secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Dr. Ernest Umakhihe (second from right) during the ground-breaking ceremony in Kabusa, Abuja.

The permanent secretary of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Dr. Ernest Umakhihe has reiterated the ministry’s steadfast commitment to fostering an environment that not only supports the professional growth of its employees but also prioritises their well-being.

This commitment was emphasised during the ground-breaking ceremony of the staff housing project held in Kabusa, Abuja.

Umakhihe highlighted the ministry’s dedication to creating a conducive environment that promotes the well-being, job satisfaction and overall productivity of its staff. Commencing the staff housing project is a testament to this commitment. The project, initiated in partnership with Green Peak Shelters, reflects the ministry’s determination to address the challenges faced by employees in securing suitable housing amidst the rising costs of real estate.

The permanent secretary expressed pride in witnessing the initiation of the staff housing project, acknowledging it as a significant milestone in the ministry’s ongoing efforts to prioritise the growth and development of both the ministry and its valuable workforce. He commended Green Peak Shelters for emerging as the preferred partner through a rigorous bureaucratic process, positioning themselves as a reputable entity in the real estate industry.

“As we break ground today, we embark on a journey towards transforming the lives of our dedicated staff, who tirelessly dedicate their skills and expertise to the growth and development of the agriculture sector,” stated Umakhihe. He emphasised that the housing project symbolises the recognition of the employees’ contributions and serves as a tangible commitment to reward and retain talent within the ministry.

Director of the human resource management department and chairperson of the housing scheme committee, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Alade echoed the sentiment, emphasising that the groundbreaking ceremony marks the beginning of a significant project aimed at ensuring the well-being of the ministry’s dedicated workforce. Alade remarked that the initiative is not merely about constructing buildings but is equally focused on fostering a sense of community, accomplishment, and ownership among the employees.

During the event, the Hakimin Pigba, His Royal Highness Emmanuel Gade, pledged the community’s support for the security and successful completion of the housing project. The occasion concluded with the cutting of the ribbon and the laying of the foundation by the permanent secretary and select management staff of the ministry.

In summary, the ground-breaking ceremony for the staff housing project underscores the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security’s dedication to providing tangible support to its employees, ensuring their well-being and creating a conducive work environment that aligns with the nation’s agricultural goals. The initiative reflects a collaborative effort between the ministry and Green Peak Shelters to address the housing challenges faced by staff, ultimately contributing to enhanced job satisfaction and productivity.

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