AATF Drives Engagement With Emir Of Rano To Boost PBR Cowpea Acceptance

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Emir of Rano 1
The Emir of Rano, Amb. Kabiru Muhammad Inuwa flanked on the right by AATF Regional Representative, Dr Jean Baptiste, Prof. Ishiyaku Mohammed and on the left by Prof. Emmanuel Ikani, NAERLS Executive Director. Photo: AATF

In a proactive endeavour to rally support and advocacy for the widespread adoption of Pod Borer-Resistant (PBR) Cowpea, a delegation led by the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) convened a strategic meeting with the Emir of Rano, Ambassador Kabiru Muhammad Inwua.

The meeting, held at the Emir’s Palace in Rano, aimed to secure his esteemed backing in promoting the uptake of PBR Cowpea, a genetically modified crop engineered to withstand the destructive impact of pests and bolster agricultural productivity in Nigeria.

AATF regional representative for West Africa, Dr. Jean Baptiste highlighted the critical role of cowpea in addressing food security and nutritional needs, particularly in rural communities. He emphasised the severe threat posed by pests, notably the Maruca Vitrata, to cowpea crops, which can lead to substantial yield losses if left unchecked.

Baptiste elucidated that in response to these pest challenges, AATF and its partners have developed PBR cowpea varieties specifically engineered to resist the damaging effects of pod borers, offering a sustainable solution to enhance yields and improve farmer livelihoods.

He sought the Emir’s support in championing the adoption of PBR Cowpea within the emirate, highlighting its potential to significantly enhance farmers’ livelihoods due to its prolific nature.

Baptiste underscored the pivotal role of PBR Cowpea in reducing pesticide usage, increasing yields and fortifying food security for rural households. He assured the royal father of the rigorous scientific research and regulatory processes undertaken to ensure the safety and efficacy of genetically modified crops, affirming the integrity and reliability of PBR cowpea varieties.

In response, the Emir lauded AATF for its unwavering commitment to advancing agricultural technologies that benefit smallholder farmers and rural communities. He reaffirmed his dedication to supporting initiatives that promote sustainable agricultural practices and fortify the resilience of local food systems. Additionally, the Emir pledged his full support for the promotion and adoption of PBR cowpea within the Rano Emirate.

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