Reliance On Climate-Sensitive Natural Resources, Devt Gaps Greatest Risk Of Climate Hazards – Musa

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Environment Council
The permanent secretary, Federal Ministry of Environment, Engr. Hassan Musa (middle) flanked by participants during the council meeting in Abuja.

The permanent secretary, Federal Ministry of Environment, Engr. Hassan Musa, has pointed out that Nigeria’s reliance on climate-sensitive natural resources and development gaps in the system are at the greatest risk of climate hazards.

He made this assertion at the opening ceremony of the 16th National Council on Environment, themed “Pursuit of zero-emission: a new trajectory towards global environment renaissance” today (August 12, 2022) in Abuja.

According to him, there is a global consensus that climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of the extreme weather and climate events that are affecting us all, adding that it is well established that if left unattended, climate hazards will increase poverty, worsen inequalities, exacerbate food insecurity and cause health problems, amongst others.

“Evidenced by the extreme weather conditions around the world, increasing natural disasters such as heat wave, flooding, unabated desert encroachment occasioned by lengthy drought periods, loss of forest cover and freshwater leading to acute imbalances in the ecosystem, explosion of weather-related diseases, human crises as a result of migration of herders in the course of the struggle for survival on the leftover of the natural base of life, this pursuit is a noble choice. Suffice to say that the world has no option if it would be habitable for us and unborn generations,” he said.

The perm sec restated the government’s commitment to the ideals of good governance but is very mindful of the goals of environmental sustainability, a major objective of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

“The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a testimony to the global commitment to building climate change resilience for sustainable development by addressing all major forces that exacerbate this gradually evolving damning challenges as efforts are made towards ensuring that all production forces are preserved and resources resilience is built for sustainable national development. It is for this purpose that this gathering is of immense significance. we are poised to expand the landscape of reasoning and generated policy frameworks capable of confronting these emerging menaces frontally,” he added.

Musa urged participants to seize the opportunity of the national council to jointly address these issues through robust engagement to the end to be able to secure the environment, grow economies and have a habitable world for all.

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