Maternal, Infants’ Health: AHBN Hosts 2-Day Meeting To Validate Action Plan

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breastfeeding mother
A mother breastfeeding her child.

The Africa Health Budget Network (AHBN) is spearheading a two-day validation meeting aimed at discussing and refining a Collaborative Advocacy Action Plan (CAAP) geared towards enhancing the health outcomes of women, adolescents and children in Nigeria.

Coordinator of AHBN, Dr. Aminu Magashi highlighted the significance of the initiative during an interview with Science Nigeria in Abuja. He explained that the CAAP is the result of a thorough assessment of existing commitments related to women, children and adolescent health in Nigeria, focusing on policies, programmes and financing. The assessment aimed to identify gaps and formulate recommendations to drive increased investments and improve healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Magashi emphasised that the initiative aims to foster collaboration among various stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, international partners, media and communities, to tackle challenges such as climate change, conflict and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite efforts like the RMNCAEH+N initiative, maternal and child health indices in Nigeria remain concerning, underscoring the urgency of coordinated action.

The CAAP seeks to develop comprehensive solutions by coordinating efforts across different sectors to address underlying health determinants and advocate for policy changes and resource allocation. Magashi stressed the importance of involving government, non-state actors, international partners, media and communities to achieve sustainable health outcomes.

AHBN’s mission is centered on budget advocacy to enhance health service delivery in Africa, focusing on budget allocation, spending, transparency, participation and accountability. The network aims to leverage these principles to improve the overall health and well-being of women and children in Nigeria and across the continent.

The validation meeting serves as a critical milestone in the collaborative efforts to advance women, adolescents and children’s health in Nigeria, providing a platform for stakeholders to refine strategies, align priorities and mobilise resources effectively. Through concerted action and partnership, AHBN and its collaborators aim to drive tangible improvements in healthcare delivery and outcomes for vulnerable populations in Nigeria.

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